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727 Media Group creates all types of websites designed in WordPress, the choice of all Fortune 500 companies. We have developed numerous templates that can be matched to fit any type of product or service. Because we already have these templates readily available in our portfolio, this saves you both time and money when creating your website.

(Creating Your Website)

Hiring someone to build your website should be taken very seriously. After all your website represents your brand, product and service. Just like a team has a mascot, your website plays the same role. That is why it’s so important to hire a professional to take on this task. If you want a website that is responsive, user friendly, display compatible and secure, then hire 727 Media Group to get the job done right!

Our designs are interactive, which means visitors can shop, give ratings, comment, send inquiries, share on social media, submit content, photos, videos, up/download coupons, music and digital media, live chat sessions, forums, blogs and so much more.

(Website Design Templates)

1/ Real Estate– ( Create your very own property directory website )
2/ Restaurants– ( Showcase your restaurant and except online reservations )
3/ Classifieds– ( Really responsive classified website with custom location banner )
4/ Job Listings– ( Create a powerful job listing directory site )
5/ Consulting– (Professionally designed consulting theme, ideal for creating consulting business websites)
6/ Small Business– ( Professional looking business website )
7/ Directory– ( Yellow Pages, etc. )
8/ Events– ( Have a website just like Eventbrite )
9/ Video– ( Create your own video portal website like Youtube, Vimeo etc. )
10/ Vacation Rental– ( Online booking rental website just like airbnb )
11/ Deals– ( Daily Deals- Groupon )
12/ Wedding– ( Personalized to display RSVP, countdown timer, venue and much more )

13/ Music– ( The ultimate design music website for Bands, Musicians, Artists )
14/ Reviews– ( A perfect website for all types of reviews- movies, books, products etc.)
15/ Store– ( Create your own online store-Includes shopping cart! )
16/ Travel– ( Perfect for holiday packages, travel deals, tour operators, travel agents and more )
17/ Catalog– ( Start selling your products effortlessly online with eCommerce )
18/ Magazine– ( Manage and publish an effective online magazine )
19/ News– ( Create a professional news magazine website )
20/ Ecommerce– ( Buying & Selling- Includes shopping cart! )
21/ Hospitality– (Professional website for your hospitality business like spa, hotel, wellness center etc. )

and many more to choose from…

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